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Two-Factor-Authentication mandatory for role right "can show plaintext cc"

The right "can show plaintext cc" in the roles allows the user to execute the secured process to display credit card details in plain text. 

Those users who have the access right activated will be forced within the first login starting form the 27th September to setup 2-factor-authentication, otherwise the user is not able to login.

Customize Standard Fields - new "Apply to" - "Company-admin only"

The new value "Company-admin only" in "Apply to" of the customize standard fields allows you to setup specific field for the Company Administrator only.


Date of Birth is per default mandatory for all travellers and Company Administrators. With below setting the "Date of Birth" would be optional for the Company Administrator but still mandatory for the travellers.


New email address "" for Umbrella Faces Support - starting 1st October

Our Umbrella Faces Support will use a new email address. Therefore, we kindly ask that from October 1st you send all new support request to

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