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Umbrella Faces - Knowledge Database 

Today we are announcing the release of a new documentation site. We have added a lot of up-to-date content to the documentation. We are convinced that this will provide you with a better service and an overview of existing functions.

The documentation is available via Knowledge Base - Umbrella Faces or with a simple click to the documentation link  at the bottom of the Umbrella Faces site.

Administrator & Roles

A new tab, Roles, is to be added to the UI and there is a slight change made to the administrator tab as well. With the deployment, your agency administrators' current access rights will be automatically converted and mapped to the correct roles and migrated. 


Image depicting the new tab, Roles.


Under this section, different reusable custom roles for a given support function can be created and assigned specific rights. A created role is later selectable in the administator tab.

Roles has been divided into two main sections: General and Rights


NameGive a name to the role. We suggest sensible names like: Agency Admin all funtions, Agency Admin_can create,edit,delete role_use company setup etc. depending on the access rights alloted. This creates an overview hence the roles and funtions can easibly be told apart when assigning these to administrators
CircleThis is visible to Umbrella support. It can be used to assign a role to the whole circle, meaning the role would be visible/ selectable across all agencies of the particular circle
Home AgencySpecific agency to which the administrative role is to be created. Depending on the support function, this field might already be set to the default agency of the administrator creating the role. Circle administrators are able to choose the agency if there are multiple agencies in their circle

As indicated in the above illustration, support functions are no longer under the administrator tab but rather under the roles tab. These must however be be assigned particular rights in order to be properly functional. Based on the function chosen, the access rights available for it is displayed on the right hand side ( with some already pre-selected although these can still be stripped away and/ or some added to the selection) i.e:

  • A Company Administrator will never be able to access agency data or data residing outside of their designated company, but may be given access to more or less parts of the company profiles and travelers within these

Support Function


Administrate circle

In addition to the functions assignable to an agency administrator such a user can also be assigned the following rights:

  • Can create agency
  • Create/ modify/ configure a whole agency (add/ remove interfaces, change the system settings etc.)
  • Can delete agency
  • Can delete any agency within the circle


 It goes without saying that a circle admin can also:

  • Create admin profiles but only assign roles equal to or lesser than their own assigned rights
  • Add an agency of the same circle to an agency administrator profile using the "Add. managed agencies" field
  • Administer all functions assigned on all agencies in the particular circle (mostly TMC)
Administrate agencies

In addition to the functions assignable to a company administrator such a user can also be given some or all of the following access-rights:

  • Can edit agency
  • Allows to modify the none greyed out fields on the agency as well as to create/ edit the agency setup
  • Can create role
  • Can edit role
  • Can delete role
  • Can create company
  • Can use company setup
  • If not activated then the acces to the "setup" is blended out hence the administrator is not able to create/ edit/ view the company custom settings

  • Can use (company) interface setup
  • If deactivated then the user is not able to activate/ deactivate or edit the free data field associated with the given interfaces

  • Can use traveller settings
  • User is able to activate/ deactivate the below fields:

  • Can toggle self registration
  • Can delete company
  • Can use mass publishing
  • Can use mass send credentials
Administrate companies
  • A company administrator can manage either a single or multiple companies based on activated settings (see below field definitions)
  • An administrator of a "Parent Company" is automatically allowed to manage all the subsidiaries

The following are the possible functions assignable to a company administrator:

  • Can edit company credit card
  • Can edit company
  • If activated, the administrator can only modify/edit the following fields in the company profile:
  • Street
  • Street 2
  • ZIP
  • Place
  • Country
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Email, Email2, Email3
  • E-Mail invoice delivery
  •  Generic fields "my agency" with READ_WRITE and/or COMPANY ONLY

If not activated, then a list of all the company administrators of a given agency is listed on the company tab.

  • Can create traveller
  • Can edit traveller
  • Can delete traveller
  • Can edit traveller in subsidiaries
  • Is applicable to administrator profiles created to manage a "Parent Company"
  • Can delete traveller in subsidiaries
  • Is applicable to administrator profiles created to manage a "Parent Company"
  • Can use mass import/export
  •  A company administrator is only able to import/ export the traveller profiles from the company tab

  • An agency administator can additionally import/ export via Profile Center Tab

  • A circle administrator has the possibility to additionaly choose the specific agency to/ from which the mass import/ export should be conducted


  • Can show plaintext cc
  • Read only
    • Allows only read only access of the pre-selected funtions (the user is therofore not able to edit any field in Umbrella Faces

Administrator Tab - new fields


A new search field "Role" has been added to the administator section. Predefined roles can be assigned to the user from the drop down list.


Depending on the rights assigned to the role selected, either of the following fields may appear beneath the role:

Add. managed Agencies

Allocate additional agencies for administration. More agencies can be allocated by clicking "add new". This has to be added to the profile by either Umbrella support, by a circle administrator or an agency administrator who has been assigned the rights to be able to administrate all the agencies in question

P.S: This field appears only if an agency administrator role is selected

Add Managed companies
  • If the "Manage all companies" box is ticked, search field box beneath it is blended out. This allows the user to administrate all companies of the home agency
  • If the user is allowed to only administrate one company then this is entered into the search field. Use the "Add new" button to create extra fields to insert more company names in case the user should administrate more than one company

P.S: This field appears only if a company administrator role is selected


Sabre: Phone & Email Order Sequence Number

With the following enhancement of sources for phone & email it is possible to push these with the preferred Sabre Order Sequence Number.

By adding the S/x the Order Sequence Number can be specified as shown below:

Sabre SourceDescription
Email, Type "Home", Order Sequence Number "2"
Email, Type "Business" (default), Order Sequence Number "3"
9{}-H¥S/1Phone, Type "Home", Order Sequence Number "1"
9{}-M¥S/1Phone, Type "Cell", Order Sequence Number "1"

Sabre Profile:

Please be aware that the Faces standard mapping for Sabre pushes the Order Sequence Number in the following logic:

Faces fieldOrderSequence
Company phone1
Company fax2
Company email1
Company email22
Company email33
Traveller business phone1
Traveller phone privat2
Traveller mobile3
Traveller email1

In case a value is not in the profile, e.g. Traveller phone private, the OrderSequenceNo for Traveller Mobile changes to 2.


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