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Credit cards - Name on Card

We added a new Faces standard field in the Traveler profile at the credit cards "Name on Card". All new and existing traveler profiles are prefilled with the travellers first, middle and lastname.  

The following standard mapping applies

Taget SystemTarget systen name
SabreForm of Payment (Hotel, Car, Low Cost) / Name on Card
ConcurCredit Card / Your name as it appears on this card
Get ThereCharge cards / Name on card
DeemPayment cards / Cardholder's name
FarelogixCredit Cards / First Name & Last Name
ConfermaPayment Cards / Name On card

Note: no mapping applies to other target systems (e. g. Travelport, Amadeus, etc.)

The Name on Card is also included in the CSV file export and in the selection of the customization of Faces standard fields. 

Galileo - PCI compliant format for credit cards (NP.F**)

Travelport Galileo has introduced a new Notepad (NP.F**) field that will allow agencies to enter a credit card in a specific Notepad field where the credit card will be securely masked.  This will permit agencies to have more than one credit card in a Booking File or Client File which can be securely stored for use as needed for cars, hotels and other vendors that may require or desire a different credit card from the Form of Payment field.

Suggested input format and usage with the NP.F** in the custom publish action (COPY)

  • Add 2 alpha credit card vendor
  • 13-25-digit credit card number
  • EXP then expiration date
  • Free form of other information

>NP.F**VI4444333322221111 EXP 11/25  plus free form if extra information is desired


Source: hotelGuaranteeCardExtended.type,hotelGuaranteeCardExtended.number,hotelGuaranteeCardExtended.expiration

Sabre Airline Company Program switch to 3CLID/OSI

Sabre Advance Notification 16279 outlines how Sabre will sunset use of 4 prefix. (Sunset date has yet to be set by Sabre but expected later in 2022). Clients are moving to this new prefix already and Faces needs to be ready to handle this. Sabre confirm that if a client of theirs has not been migrated to this new process then sending AA content with a 3 prefix will still work okay without any impact to the client.

Therefore we have change the mapping for American Airlines and the new format for the Company Airline program will be used.

Old formatNew format
4OSI AA <value>3OSI AA <value>

Additional Source for custom field and/or publish action

New sources are created and can be used in the agency configuration.

Target SystemFieldSource
ConcurCost CenterConcurCostCenter

Air Preferences > Origin Location (Traveller only)



Hotel Preferences > Additional Information (Traveller and Company profiles)



Concur Mapping for Credit card "Display Name"

The mapping from the Traveler credit cards "Remark" filed is added to be used for the Concur credit card "Display Name". In case the credit card "Remark" is empty the default value of <credit card type><credit card number (masked)> (e. g. VI4444 XXXX XXXX 1111 ) will be used.

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