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GDPR - Warning Message in case of date of birth is under 16 years

A Warning message is displayed if a user (all users) is adding a date of birth which is under 16 years. Similar function which we have already delivered for sensitive data (Meal request, smoker).

CSV File - Last modify & publish States

The CSV file export includes new columns:

Last modify datesortedPublishStates#.lastpublishedIndicates the date of last synchronisation
Synchronisation StatussortedPublishStates#.lastpublishStateIndicates status of last synchronisation 

This new columns are available for every connected interface.
Note: This is a only export function, no import possible.


Approver selectable by traveller

In the company profile "Traveller Setting" it can be selected whether an approver can be chosen by the traveller.

Note: the default is true (activated checkbox)

Sabre – new sources for Employment Information

With the following sources for Employment Information we improved the synchronization to Sabre

Employement InformationSoucre
Business UnitBusinessUnit
Operating UnitOperatingUnit
Branch IDBranchID
Additional InformationInformationText

Note: more Sabre sources can be found under Sabre Sources

Concur – new sources

With the following sources we improved the synchronization to/from Concur

Concur fieldSource
Hotel Travel Preferences - Rollaway bedPreferRollawayBed
Hotel Travel Preferences - CribPreferCrib
Hotel Travel Preferences - Foam pillowsPreferFoamPillows

Note: more Concur sources can be found under Concur Sources


Cytric - new sources

With the following sources we improved the synchronization to/from Cytric

Cytric fieldSource
Billing address - Company - Rollaway bedbilling_company
Billing address - Attention tobilling_attentionto
Billing address - Streetbilling_street
Billing address - Postal Codebilling_zip
Billing address - Citybilling_city
Billing address - Countrybilling_country
Billing address - Statebilling_state

Note: more Cytric sources can be found under Cytric Sources



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