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New email address "" for Umbrella Faces Support - starting 1st October

Our Umbrella Faces Support will use a new email address. Therefore, we kindly ask that from October 1st you send all new support request to

Customization of standard fields - offers the maintenance of new fields

The agency and company setup provides the possibility to maintain most of the Faces standard fields. The standard fields can be configured on agency level to be hidden, mandatory, or read-only in the company and/or traveller profiles for the different type of users.

The following new standard fields can now be maintained:


  • Agency Location
    • field only applies in case Sabre and/or Galileo Interfaces is in use


  • Approver / Itinerary / e-ticket (checkbox)
    • field only applies in case Amadeus Interface is in use
  • Arranger / Itinerary / e-ticket (checkbox)
    • field only applies in case Amadeus Interface is in use
  • Identification cards / Issue date
  • Passport(s) / Issue country
  • Rail information / Delivery
  • Rail information / Seat
  • Rail information / Wagon extra
  • Rail information / Wagon type
  • Credit cards - provides the possibility to set the credit card(s) (type, number, expiration) to mandatory in case "Personal Card" on company level is configured as "FP and guarantee" or "Guarantee only"
  • Credit cards / Remark


GetThere Mapping for Credit card "Card Nickname"

The mapping from the Traveler credit cards "Remark" filed to the GetThere credit card "Card Nickname" has been added.

Concur UUID stored as Umbrella Faces "internallocator"

The Concur UUID (unique profile ID) will be stored as the Umbrella Faces "sortedPublishStates#.internallocator". The benefit of this storage is that Umbrella Faces now stores a unique Concur profile ID meaning that for example a change of the Concur Login ID will not generate a duplicate profile in Umbrella Faces anymore.



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