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Umbrella Faces is a web-based application which allows synchronization of all the relevant data of travellers online. Travel Agencies and Travellers have the opportunity to change and modify their data 24/7.

Umbrella Faces runs on secure servers in Zurich, Switzerland and Oregon, USA. Not only do all our clients benefit from new developments equally but also 24/7 maintenance and operation are included. The adaptive interface works on PCs with any kind of browser and has a great look-and-feel on tablet and smart phones as well. No local installation is necessary.


How to Navigate!

Our documentation has been divided into sections based on the tabs on the Menu-Bar. Each Section has then been subdivided into subsections. We have also added extra information to the documentation (i.e. Troubleshooting). To be able to Navigate, choose the section of interest from the list.

The main sections above listed are mostly linked to various subsections. Should you for example be interested in information about the "Privacy Policy" under the "Agencies (My Agency)" tab, you can click on the arrow to expand the section and to see all its subsections. Select the respective subsection for which more information is needed.

To know if a section has indeed been expanded, you will see that the arrow faces downwards. If subsections are parent pages, then the same principle as above is used (and an arrow will be visible to help expand the attached pages).

One can also find the relevant information by using the search field as shown in the diagrams above or in the field directly below.






Umbrella AG
Binzstrasse 33 | CH-8620 Wetzikon

Phone: +41 44 933 53 90


Support Hours:
Monday – Friday 09.30AM- 12.00PM/ 14.00 - 1700

Web: |




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