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Most sources are also available in the CSV Export file.


Faces Field/ Desired action(s)Source
Surname, first name, middle name, gender (GDS Format)


Surname, first name, gender (GDS Format)


push gender as MR/MRS/MS/U instead of U/F/MGender
Main Travel GrouphomeCommunityDescription
Visa Information / Entry typevisa#.visaEntry
Visa Information / Linked Passport (Country,Number),visa#.linkedPaper.number
Last Modification in Profile (History)- used format = DDMMMYY HH:MMlastModified
Credit Card / only use as Fop = truefopCreditcards#.
Credit Card / only use as Fop = falsenonFopCreditcards#.
Credit Card / all Credit CardssortedCreditcards#.type,sortedCreditcards#.number,sortedCreditcards#.expiration
Car Rental guaranteecarGuaranteeCardExtended.type,carGuaranteeCardExtended.number,carGuaranteeCardExtended.expiration
Hotel guaranteehotelGuaranteeCardExtended.type,hotelGuaranteeCardExtended.number,hotelGuaranteeCardExtended.expiration
Web cardwebPaymentCardExtended.type,webPaymentCardExtended.number,webPaymentCardExtended.expiration
Rail Form Of Payment CardrailFormOfPaymentCard.type, railFormOfPaymentCard.number, railFormOfPaymentCard.expiration
Credit card typesortedCreditcards#.type
Credit card numbersortedCreditcards#.number
Credit card expirationsortedCreditcards#.expiration
Rail Form of PaymentformOfPaymentRail
Other Form of Payment (INV, CAHS)additionalFormOfPayment
Arranger Contact
Arranger Contact First
Arranger Contact Last
Arranger Contact Phone
Approver Contact
Approver Contact First
Approver Contact Last
Approver Contact Phone
Country 3-Letter-Codes

<source>.threeLetterCode ???

Note: can be used with any source which contains country, e.g. nationality, primaryPassport.number

Fixed EntrygenFixed e.g. Source: genFixedTEST Target: RM*{} GDS Result: RM*TEST
Primary PassportprimaryPassport.number
Visa / Linked passport numbervisa#.linkedPaper.number
Visa / Linked passport
none Primary PassportsecondaryPassports#.number
Interface Profile Record-LocatorgenPublishState-<interface>.recordlocator
Interfaces Profile Internal-LocatorgenPublishState-<interface>.internallocator
Railcard - Valid From Station


Railcard - Valid To Station


Deletion DateprofileExpiration


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