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As already stated in CSV-File, a traveller CSV can either be downloaded or uploaded directly on the company profile or via the profile center.  


Basic tips on how to create and or update traveller profiles using a CSV:

The minimum fields that have to be present in a CSV file to be able to create a profile in Umbrella Faces are the following standard fields:
Metadata / ActionuuidUsernameE-mailGreetingSurname as in PassportFirst name as in PassportCompany / uuidCompany / Company name
SAVE1f6eff8d-1b84-4db6-b757-ed3d8254f211Knowledginaknowledge@base.chUBase-TravellerKnowledgef86ac325-49e5-43c4-8552-8baafa166791Knowledge Base Co.
SAVE New-Userknowledge@base.comMRDoeJohnf86ac325-49e5-43c4-8552-8baafa166791Knowledge Base Co.

Please note that:

  • The first line in the CSV is the header line (these also serve as the additional general sources)
  • The second line in the CSV is the actual name of the field in Faces (to help users understand which value should be filled in in which field and what the corresponding source is. The first and second lines must always be present in the CSV as well as their labels
  • For a traveller profile to be created, a company profile must first be created in Faces.
  • The uuid is automatically generated by the system after a profile has been successfully created. It is visible by downloading the traveller CSV (see the profile of Knowledgina in the above example). The uuid has to be kept in the CSV for updates to take place.
  • For new profiles, the uuid has to be left blank (see New-User above)
  • For a profile being newly created, the metadata action SAVE( used for create and updates) has to be given in along with the other values. Either company uuid and company name can be given or just the company uuid. There is also an option to give in the company profile number/ record locator but it is not mandatory either.
  • To delete a profile, insert the metadata action DELETE



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