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Please ask the cytric Global Services Team (cGS) to activate cytric Companion. A Client_ID for all systems, with individual identification-pair for the systems is needed. Please note that the system name and identification-pair needs exactly the same spelling (capital and lower-case letters).

In your request to cGS, please include (with PCIDSS-Module)

  • a list of all systems
  • the IP address of the Umbrella Faces server:
    • Midoco Tokenizier:,
    • Datatrans Tokenizer: -, -
  • the endpoint for communication from cytric to external system: to be provided by Umbrella

Cytric Companion for Profile Synchronization

The Client ID in the "cytric Companion for Profile Synchronization - Rules for Activation" need the following activations:

  • Inform about user profile creation
  • Inform about update of existing user profiles
  • Inform about deletion of user profiles
  • Allow the usage of overwrite functionality

List of Cytric Servers

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