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Under this section, one can discern on which agency that the company was created or to which agency that the company is attached.

Usually, the agency name is added to replace the "Agency name" part of the above title. If the agency's name is Hakuna Matata Simba Travel, then it would be "Your Hakuna Matata Simba Travel team"



AgencyHere the agency name is indicated. This field is only editable during company profile creation

A free text can be entered here

Email delivery

This field is only visible if CSX is activated on agency. One can choose between Amadeus Fax Email Plus (relevant for clients in Germany) and Amadeus Mail (the standard version). Depending on which is chosen, the E-Mail is either published as APE- or as RM* (see mapping description for E-Mail under Amadeus,, Trainline and Cytric)

Email invoice delivery

E-Mail address which is used for invoice delivery. This field can be used in General Sources - All Interfaces, source 'emailInvoiceDelivery' 


This is a module that is only visible if it has been activated on the agency as it is associated with fixed monthly costs per company. If the button is set to "On" on a company profile, then a self registration link can be generated and sent to the travellers or travel arrangers to create the traveller profiles.


Expires OnA date can be set as to when the link should become invalid. No further registration can take place using the given link after the particular set date
Allow registration on any subsidiaryThis is relevant when the link is created on a parent company. The domain of the traveller emails has to be the same for all subsidiaries
User email-domainEnter the domain i.e. or . This is not case sensitive
Automatic profile-deletion on

Fill in this field for temporary profiles that you need to delete after a given period of time. The profiles will then be automatically deleted on the set date. The deletion date is reflected on the traveller profile as read only


  • Leave this field blank if the profiles to be created are permanent profiles that should be hosted indifinitely within Faces
  • The deletion date is visible when the CSV is downloaded under the header name profileExpiration. The date is however not imported during CSV upload, and is as thus not changeable


Travellers (CSV)Click on the link to download the traveller profiles of the particular company in a CSV-File
Upload from CSV

Use this link to upload a CSV-File of traveller profiles of the specific company

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