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Generic (Field) Values handling

As already informed earlier this year, we are going to change the section handling for custom fields (generic values).

So far, custom field data was available (where filled) in the section 'GENERIC_VALUES' as a map of key-value pairs with the key being the field name (applicable to company and traveller profiles).

Starting from November 1st, 2022 we will only support the new section GENERIC_FIELD_VALUES for getting custom field data (where filled).

This new section includes besides of the field name and the value also the UUID number of the custom field.
Updates to a custom field can be done using the field name or uuid, where uuid however has priority over the field name if it is provided.

We are going to remove the old 'GENERIC_VALUES' section on October 31st, 2022.

For the time being, either of the options (GENERIC_VALUES or GENERIC_FIELD_VALUES) can be used. However, we kindly ask you to perform the necessary changes until end of October latest or get in touch ASAP if that is not possible.

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