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The new role "Can use (company) interface disconnect function" requires to have "Can use (company) interface seutpsetup" enabled.


This new role allows the administrator to disconnect profiles from certain interfaces. Once the role is assigned following buttons appear in the company profiles.


What happens by disconnecting a interface?

  • All interface information parameters (like Amadues Amadeus OID, Sabe Sabre Templates, Concur RefreshtokenRefresh token, Cytric Org ID etc.) will be remove removed from the company profile
  • The profile numbers are removed from the company and associated traveler profiles
  • Once disconnected, No synchronisaton further synchronisation will occured to the disconnected interfaces after disconnectionto place to that interface
  • Umbrella Faces profiles of the Company and Traveler will not be not deleted
  • No automatically automatic process available to reconnect profiles to the interfaces

Note: With the new role we move the right "Disconnect travellers" for the Cytric interface  interface from the role "Can use (company) interface setup" to the new role.


Due to the new Farelogix LHG API Gateway Migraton Migration it is necessary to provide a addtional an additional attribute for the profile synchonisationsynchronisation. The new field "Agency Name" is now available in the agency and company interfaces setup. All interface attributes are mandatory for the profile synchronisation. 

Umbrella was advise from advised by Farelogix about the new "Agency Name" and we will update all agency and company profiles with the new value. We will also inform all Farelogix Interfaces user Interface users in a separate email about the new "Agency Name" value, which needs to be used for every new profile.