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Error MessageMeaningSolution

HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error

This error comes from Concur and can be due to several reasons i.e:

  • Concur is sending creates for duplicate profiles
  • There is an outage on Concur's side
  • Missing permissions on client Concur site
  • Ensure that all required permissions are present in the client Concur site. The TMC must set a user with Web Services Administrator permission on the site. This permission needs to be assigned directly to the user and not by groups.
  • Request XML dumps from Umbrella support to deliver to Concur ( or ask support if they can see the cause of the error based on the XML)
  • Try manually resaving the profile in Faces after some time to see if the profile is pushed through
HTTP/1.1 403 ForbiddenThere is something wrong with the credentials like refresh token or Config ID
  • Please check the refresh token and ConfigID on the company side
Invalid User (EC1): {username}

This error is reported back by Concur for various reasons that have to do with the settings set up in Concur i.e:

  • The username rule in Concur has been set to either email, first name, surname etc
  • Totally absurd names are not accepted i.e. test etc. are not accepted
  • Adhere to the rules pre-set in Concur or change the rules within Concur to match your needs
  • Use real names for profiles and William Never as a test subject
There is an error in XML documentThere is a missing value that is expected to be in the XMLPopulate the fields that have been set as mandatory in Concur or in the HR-Feed
WSAdmin does not belong to an agency that is associated with the provided TravelConfigID.This is a problem with access rights in ConcurRequest XML dumps from Umbrella support to deliver to Concur
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