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We added a new Faces standard field in the Traveler profile at the credit cards "Name on Card". All new and exisitng existing traveler profiles are prefilled with the travellers first, middle and lastname.  


Note: no mapping applies to ohter other target systems (e. g. Travelport, Amadeus, etc.)

The Name on Card is also included in the CSV file export and in the selection of the cusotmization customization of Faces standard fields. 


Old formatNew format
4OSI AA <value>3OSI AA <value>

Additional Source for


custom field and/or


publish action

New sources are created and can be used in the agency configuraitonconfiguration.

Target SystemFieldSource
ConcurCost CenterConcurCostCenter

Air Preferences > Origin Location (Traveller only)



Hotel Preferences > Additional Information (Traveller and Company profiles)