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This function allows an agency administrator with rights to edit the agency or a circle admin to be able to send credentials (login details) to either all profiles or only all arrangers of a specific company.

N.B: It is not possible to send credentials to users of all or more than one company at once. The below description illustrates further.



All profilesSend credentials to all profiles (Traveller, Arranger, Approver) of a specific company
All arrangersSend credentials only to all arrangers of the selected company
Company fieldChoose the company for which credentials should be sent (before clicking on either "All profiles" or "All arrangers")


After giving in the company name and selecting between "All profiles and All arrangers", the below mask pops up and the administrator is prompted to confirm the task by giving in the number of profiles that will receive credentials. The administrator must enter the exact number of profiles as that highlighted in blue and click on "execute" before the credentials are sent out.


P.S: There is also an option to send credentials to only a single traveller or administrator as illustrated under the sections Login (Traveller Tab) and Login on the Administrator tab


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