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Change of IP address

We will upgrade our servers, hence there will be a change of IP addresses.
If needed, please whitelist them.

Umbrella Faces test environment
changed starting as of August 1st, 2021

Umbrella Faces production environment
changed starting as of August 15th, 2021

Important: Please keep both, old and new, IP addresses whitelisted. We will inform again once the old IP addresses can be removed.

Success message for profile deletion required

As we are going to improve the way Umbrella Faces handles errors upon profile deletion, we are expecting a success message after a delete request from Umbrella Faces was received.

The response of the successful deletion of a profile can for example look as follows:

{"status":"OK","statusText":"Profile deleted successfully","locator":"max.muster"}

We kindly ask you to check your current response for a delete and if necessary, act. Please also ensure you are returning an OK response rather than an error in case the profile has already been removed on your end.

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