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Publishing errors may occur when creating profiles manually in the user Interface. It is important to identify any such publishing error during/after a CSV Upload. A list of all errors is shown including a hyperlink, which leads directly to the erroneous profile.

There are 2 tabs in the Publishing errors section.  One for Traveller profiles with errors and one for Company for those companies with errors.



CompanyList of all companies with a publishing (synchronization) error including the related system (i.e. Travelport+) and error message (i.e. UNABLE TO PROCESS)
TravellersList of all travellers with a publishing (synchronization) error including the related system and error message (Server error).

Note:  These error messages are received from the specific interface that Faces is attempting to send a profile.  Therefore at times, it can be unclear as to the actual issue. 

We have listed some common message errors in our Troubleshooting section.


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