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Error MessageProfile TypeMeaningSolution
ERROR: update or delete on table "traveller" violates foreign key constraint "fk_contact_contact" on table "traveller_contact" Detail: Key (uuid)=(5429d6e7-a241-42ba-8792-63390588098d) is still referenced from table "traveller_contact"CompanyThis error which occurs when attempting to delete a company and it's travellers is due to a traveler from the company having been assigned an arranger or approver outside the company. Faces is not able to clean up this during company deletionUse a CSV to delete the travellers first and then delete the company afterwards
Entry failed with error: object Object credit card number is wrong or you jump off the field after typing nothing or not the complete number

Check if the credit card number is correct.

You have to log out and log in again before you can type in again

Invalid username and/or passwordTravelerThere is something wrong with the log inPlease check if there is a space after the username in the profile
CSV Upload: No BOM or Upload failed, error was: expected BOM characterCSVThere is a wrong format in the csv fileNormally, if an error appears like "no BOM" the format of the file is not correct. Please make sure it is the same format as when the csv-file is downloaded. One can check this using e.g. Notepad++ and open the file within that program. On top there is a header "Encoding" where you can check whether it is UTF-8, with or without BOM.
UNAUTHORIZED with SSOTraveler Please check if the e-mail address used for SSO is not used in other profiles
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