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Deem Sources can be used in custom field and/or custom published actions.


Deem fieldSourceValidation Lists
Personal Info / Titletitle[L=-;Mr;Mrs;Ms;Miss;Dr;Master;Prof;Sir
Personal Info / SuffixnameSuffix 
Personal Info / Gendergender[L=-;M=Male;F=Female
Employee Info / Employee IdemployeeId 
Employee Info / VIP indicatorvipIndicator[Lfalse;true
Emploee Info / Employee TypeemployeeType 
Employee Info / Job TitlejobTitle 
Employee Info / Job LeveljobLevel 
Employee Info / Cost CentercostCenter 
Employee Info / DepartmentdepartmentCode 
Employee Info / Department NamedepartmentName 
Employee Info / Divisiondivision 
Employee Info / Business UnitbusinessUnit 
Employee Info / Company NamecompanyName 
Addresses and Phone Number / Groupware IDgroupwareIDif used it is mandatory to enter a email address
Addresses and Phone Number / Home - CountryhomeAddressCountryCode 
Addresses and Phone Number / Home - Address 1homeAddressStreet1 
Addresses and Phone Number /  Home - Address 2homeAddressStreet2 
Addresses and Phone Number / Home - Town CityhomeAddressCity 
Addresses and Phone Number / Home - Postal codehomeAddressPostalCode 
Addresses and Phone Number / Home - State / ProvincehomeAddressState 
Travel Preference / RedressredressNumber 
Travel Preference / Known Traveler NumberknownTravelerNumber 
Travel Preference / Kown Traveler Nbr Iss. CountryknownTravelerIssuingCountryonly synch Deem to Faces (no synch Faces to Deem)
Travel Preference / Car Rental OptionsdefaultCarType[LE=Economy;F=Full size,C;I=Intermediate;L=Luxury;M=Mini Car/VAn;O=Oversize;P=Premium;X=Special;S=Standard
Travel Preference / Air Specail Request (max 3 occurances)airSpecialRequest[L=none;BLND=Blind passenger;DEAF=Deaf passenger;WCHR=Wheelchair - can ascend and descend stairs;WCHS=Wheelchair - cannot ascend or descend stairs;WCMP=Wheelchair - manual;WCHC=Wheelchair - must be carried
Travel Preference / Hotel Special Request (max 3 occurances)hotelSpecialRequest[L=none;no elevator=Away from elevator;no ice=Away from ice machine;accessible=Disabled accessible;DR=Dormbed;DBLB=Double bed;FL=Full;FU=Futon;high=higher floor room number;KING=King bed;low=Lower floor room number;MU=Murphy bed;non-smoking=Non-smoking room,QUEEN;RU=Run of house;SI=Single;smoking=Smoking room;SO=Sofa bed;TA=Tatami mats;TWIN=Twin bed;WA=Water bed



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