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ActionSelect COPY or FILTER for your action
Profile typeA distinction is made between Traveller, Company, and Traveller as well as Company. T is for Traveller, C for Company and "-" is for both profile types(T & C). Select between T,C and - to determine on which profile type the values should either be published or filtered out
InterfaceIndicate which interface the action will affect
SourceIndicate the source needed for a customized copy action or the filter needed to remove specific copy actions already programmed in the standard User Interface (UI)
TargetIndicate the target for copy actions or for filter actions, insert a free text describing the value that has been filtered out

The sources for the COPY function of company profile data can be found under Copy - Company. The sources for the COPY function of traveller profile data is found in the first line (header line) of the traveller CSV that is downloaded from Faces. For fields that allow the use of the "Add new" function, multiple information i.e multiple frequent flyer programs are present in the CSV file. If 0-n lists (FQTV or passports) are copied, either an index (passports0, passports1) can be used, or use the index placeholder '#' (# passports). The latter then copies all existing indexes. Any extra copy sources not covered by the CSV are listed under Copy - Traveller.

FILTER examples can be found under Filter - Traveller and Filter - Company

Filters use XPath expressions to find element nodes that should be excluded from the published XML.


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