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Please open a case to Concur requesting the access control travel profile API credentials to use the Umbrella Faces App. Please also include a list of your Concur site id to this request along with the Managing TMC site ID (Vendor Site ID) that controls your list of clients. If you have multiple Vendor Site ID's (i.e. EMEA vs USA) then provide all.


  • At the very first stage of implementing Concur we also activate the Interface on the agency and activate Concur polling so that profile updates from Concur are also sent into Faces.
  • Umbrella Faces to Concur = real time Synchronization
  • Concur to Faces = Concur polling (pulling the updated profiles from Concur) occurs every 15 minutes, at 5 mins, 20 mins, 35min past and 50 minutes past every full hour.
  • Important: a change of the Concur Login ID (CliqUser ID) in Concur will lead into a new Umbrella Faces profile.



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