Rail Information - Form of Payment

A new field "Form of Payment" in the section "Rail Information" is available. In the new field, the entered credit cards can be chosen.

The Form of Payment is mapped to Concur and Sabre

SabreForm of Payment / Payment Usage <Rail> / Trip type <All> / Card Code, Card Number, Expiration Date
ConcurCredit Cards / Rail Tickets
Copy Source for other target systemsrailFormOfPaymentCard.type, railFormOfPaymentCard.number, railFormOfPaymentCard.expiration

New Sabre Sources

With the following sources we improved the synchronization to Sabre.

Profile TypeSabre FieldSource

Corporate Information / Corporation Type

  • possible values: LRG,GLB,MED,SML,TRB


CompanyCorporate Information / Contact Name / First Name & Last NameCORP_CTC¥GivenName={},SurName={}

Contact Information / Emergency Contact

  • new sources for: Address Line 1, Address Line 2, City, Country
  • (needs to have individual custom defined fields and a copy action)


Company / TravellerAddress / Order Sequence Number

5/{}§5/{}§5/{},{} {}¥{}¥S/1


5/{}§5/{}§5/{},{} {}¥{}¥T/HOM,S/1