My Agency & Company Setup - Custom field Mapping design

A new design to add field mapping configuration will be available in all agency & company configurations. The new mapping configuration provides more structured space to store the preferred command to a custom field.

Old design:

New design:

The click to the displays the details and allows to create, update, delete the mapping to the different interfaces.


Multiple Concur Credentials

We improved the usage of multiple Concur Credentials within a single agency. It is now possible to store multiple Concur credentials (TMC-Tree, Non-Tree etc.) by providing a unique label. 

Note: Interfaces can only be added by an Umbrella Support agent or Circle Administrator. 

Approver/Arranger - visibility all fields

All Faces fields are now available for profiles that are only set as an Approver and/or Arranger. For these types of profiles, all Faces fields can be updated in the way you are able to for travellers.