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The download in a CSV file includes the following information:

recordlocatorProfile no.

Amadeus CSX Profil Recloc

uuidDatabase numberBlank if new profile
externalnrCustomer no. 
nameCompany Name 
shortnameShort Name 
emailDeliveryEmail delivery
  • EMAIL = Amadeus Mail
  • EMAILPLUS = Amadeus Fax and Email plus
travellerFopOptionPersonal Cards
  • FP_AND_GUARANTEE = FP and Guarantee
  • GUARANTEE_ONLY = Guarantee only
  • NONE = none
additionalFormOfPaymentOther forms of paymentINV = Invoice
hotelGuaranteeGuarantee Hotel 
carGuaranteeGuarantee rental car 
street2Street 2 
email2Email 2 
email3Email 3 
emailInvoiceDeliveryEmail invoice delivery 
receivedocsItinerary / e-ticket 
selfRegistrationKeySelf-registration key     
gwsOverrides.officeGalileo Overrides / Travel dep, PCC or IPCCGalileo PCC
overrideGwsAdditionalInfoGalileo Overrides / Travel dep, PCC or IPCCGalileo HAP (mandatory)
csxOverrides.officeCSX Overrides / Travel dep, PCC or IPCCAmadeus OID
overrideCsxAdditionalInfoCSX Overrides / Travel dep. access or HAPAmadeus Org Id (optional)
sabreOverrides.officeSabre Overides / Travel dep, PCC or IPCCSabre PCC
sabreOverrides.additionalInfoSabre Overides / Travel dep. access or HAP 
gwsAgencyLocationAgency Location3-Letter-City-Code
cytricElementCytric Org.Cytric Location ID
mainTravelGroupMain GroupAeTM Home Community
parentCompany.recordlocatorParent company / Profile no.Profil number from the parent company
parentCompany.uuidParent company / uuidDatabase number (uuid) from the parent company - mandatory for import
Parent company / Company nameparentCompany.nameName from the parent company
hotelmemberships0.allianceHotel Travelguideline / Hotel Chain2-Letter-Hotel chain-Code
hotelmemberships0.membernumberHotel Travelguidelines / Ratecode3-Letter-Rate-Code
hotelmemberships0.additionalinfoHotel Travelguidelines / Customer Request 
carmemberships0.allianceCar Travelguidelines / Company2-Letter-Rental Car-Code
carmemberships0.membernumberCar Travelguidelines / Corporate discount number 
carmemberships0.additionalinfoCar Travelguidelines / Customer Reqeust 
carmemberships0.additionalinfo2Car Travelguidelines / Billing Number 
airlineincentives0.allianceAirline Companyprogram / Company2-Letter-Airline-Code
airlineincentives0.additionalinfoAirline Companyprogram / Info 
airlineincentives0.publishAsAirline Companyprogram / Publish as
  • OS (OSI Element)
  • SK (Special Keyword)
sortedCreditcards0.typeCredit cards / Card type
  • VI = Visa
  • AX = American Express
  • CA = Mastercard / Eurocard
  • TP = AirPlus
  • DC = Diners
sortedCreditcards0.numberMaskedCredit cards / Numberno Export function / only Import
sortedCreditcards0.expirationCerdit cards / ExpirationFormat DD.MM.YYYY
sortedCreditcards0.publishAsFopCredit cards / use as form of payment
  • true
  • false
sortedPublishStates0.recordlocatorPublishing / locatorProfile record locator/Profile number/Profile name
sortedPublishStates2.internallocatorPublishing / internallocator / targetsystem
  • CSX = Amadeus
  • GALILEO_WS = Galileo
  • SABRE = Sabre
  • FARELOGIX = Farelogix


Target GDS / Target system
  • CSX = Amadeus
  • GALILEO_WS = Galileo
  • SABRE = Sabre
  • FARELOGIX = Farelogix
sortedTargetSystems0.agencyInterface.labelTarget GDS / Label 
aetmSiteCodeAeTM Site Code 8 characters community Code (import only)
aetmSiteNameAETM Site Name 
privateCcIndexPersonal CC on
  • CC_1 
  • CC_2
  • CC_3
    (import only)
privateCcIndex22nd Personal CC on
  • CC_1
  • CC_2
  • CC_3
    (import only)
privateCcIndex33rd Personal CC on
  • CC_1
  • CC_2
  • CC_3
    (import only)
cytricElementCytric Org (system number) Groups
  • Cytric Travelpolicy Group (number)
  • AeTM Community Code
    (import only)
sortedTravelGroups0.nameTravel Group / Description
  • Cytric Travelpolicy Name
  • AeTM Community Name
    (import only)
sabreCompanyTemplateSabre Company TemplateSabre Template ID (only import no export available)
sabreTravellerTemplateSabre Traveler TemplateSabre Template ID (only import no export available)
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