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  • Publishing from Faces

Error MessageMeaningSolution
OfficeId & GDSBusinessLocator not foundProfile could not be pushed to Atriis because the OID and the company record locator of the accompanying GDS's (i.e Sabre) could not be found

Verify why publish to the GDS fails, ensure the problem is fixed and that the company profile can be synchronized to the respective accompanying GDS, then try publishing the travelers to Atriis again.

Please contact Atriis to solve this

Department doesn't exist in corporate account 

Please contact Faces Support Team to get the XML files. With these please contact Atriis to solve the error.

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.The value given in under Override Company ID on the Interface setup is invalid and as thus being rejected by AtriisVerify if the ID is correctly filled in. There could be an unnecessary blank space before or after the characters


  • Publishing from Atriis

Atriis gets no response from our APICould be that a wildcard has not been defined ( Datatrans/Midoco)Faces support team/ Circle administrators has to ensure that the wildcard is defined within the Datatrans/Midoco site
Failed to validate request signature"an incorrect pre-shared secret key is usedAtriis has to control if the pre-shared key ( Umbrella password) has been correctly entered for the agency on their end
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