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The Profiles on Demand API relies fully on the OAuth2 protocol to perform authentication and authorization to profiles. It is strongly suggested to get a general grasp of the OAuth 2.0 flows, specifically the Authorization Code and Client Credentials flows, before running any API related inquiries.While the Profiles on Demand API does not currently support all data fields and entity types available in Umbrella Faces, the


As the name suggests, the Profiles On Demand API is designed to provide profiles on demand.

It is specifically prohibited to run bulk queries for profiles aimed at dumping / synchronizing the full profile data base to a third party system.

The API is continuously being developed and extended. As a result, new data structures may be added to existing responses at any time without prior notice. It is therefore required to design a client application to only request information needed by the application as well as configure the application to not fail should there be additional (newly added) properties in the response.