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Umbrella Faces - Knowledge Database 

Text von Brigita

Today we are announcing the new documentation site. We have added a lot of up-to-date content to the documentation. We are convinced that this will provide you a better service and overview of existing functions.

The documentation is available at or with a simple click to the documentation link Image Added at Umbrella Faces.

Administrator & Roles

A new tab, Roles, is to be added to the UI and there is a slight change made to the administrator tab as well. With the deployment, your agency administrators' current access rights will be automatically converted and mapped to the correct roles and migrated. 


Image depicting the new tab, Roles.


Please be aware that the Faces standard Sabre mapping is pushing the Order Sequence Number in the following logic.

Faces fieldOrderSequence
Company phone1
Company fax2
Company email1
Company email22
Company email33
Traveller business phone1
Traveller phone privat2
Traveller mobile3
Traveller email1

In case a value is not in the profile, e.g. Traveller phone private, the OrderSequenceNo for Traveller Mobile changes to 2.