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Concur fieldSourceValidation Lists
Org. Unit/DivisionDivision 
Rule ClassRuleClass 
Employee IDEmployeeID 
Entity NumberEntity Number 
Business UnitBusiness Unit 
Home Address
  • home_street
  • home_city
  • home_zip
  • home_country
  • home_state


Billing Address
  • billing_street
  • billing_city
  • billing_zip
  • billing_country
  • billing_state


Work Address
  • work_street
  • work_city
  • work_zip
  • work_state
  • work_country
  • work_state


Redress NumberredressNumber 
Pre Check NumberpreCheckNumber 
Sabre Profiles Profile IDSabreProfileId 
PAR/Level 2 STARGDSProfileName 
Name SuffixnameSuffix[L=-;I=I;II=II;III=III;IV=IV;Jr.=Jr;Sr.=Sr;V=V;VI=VI
Name TitlecustomTitle 
Custom FieldCustom field Name 
Emergency Contact relationshipEmergencyRelationship 
Emergency Contact Alternative phoneEmergencyPhoneAlternate 
Air Travel Preferences – AAA/CAAAAARate [Lfalse=No;true=Yes
Air Travel Preferences – Senior/AARPAARPRate [Lfalse=No;true=Yes
Air Travel Preferences – GovernmentGovtRate [Lfalse=No;true=Yes
Air Travel Preferences – MilitaryMilitaryRate [Lfalse=No;true=Yes
Air Travel Preferences – Seat SectionSectionPositionCode 
Air Travel Preferences – Preferred Departure AirportHomeAirport 
Air Travel Preferences – Other Air Travel PreferencesAirOther 
Air Travel Preferences – Medical AlertsMedicalAlerts 
Hotel Travel Preferences – Smoking PreferenceHotelSmokingCode [LDontCare=Dont Care;false=Non-smoking;true=Smoking
Hotel Travel Preferences – RoomTypeRoomType [L=;Disability=Disability;DontCare=Dont Care;Double=Double;King=King;Queen=Queen;Single=Single;Twin=Twin
Hotel Travel Preferences – hotel that has: a gymPreferGym [Lfalse=No;true=Yes
Hotel Travel Preferences – hotel that has: a poolPreferPool [Lfalse=No;true=Yes
Hotel Travel Preferences – hotel that has: a restaurantPreferRestaurant [Lfalse=No;true=Yes
Hotel Travel Preferences – hotel that has: room servicePreferRoomService [Lfalse=No;true=Yes
Hotel Travel Preferences – hotel that has: Early Check-inPreferEarlyCheckIn [Lfalse=No;true=Yes
Hotel Travel Preferences – Accessibility needs: Wheelchair accessPreferWheelchairAccess [L=;false=No-Wheel Chair;true=Yes-Wheel chair requested
Hotel Travel Preferences – Accessibility needs: Blind accessiblePreferAccessForBlind [L=;false=No-Blind accessible;true=Yes-Blind accessible Requested
Hotel Travel Preferences - Message to hotel VendorHotelOther 
Hotel Travel Preferences - Rollaway bedPreferRollawayBed [Lfalse=No;true=Yes
Hotel Travel Preferences - CribPreferCrib [Lfalse=No;true=Yes
Hotel Travel Preferences - Foam pillowsPreferFoamPillows [Lfalse=No;true=Yes
Car Rental Preferences – Smoking PreferenceCarSmokingCode [LDontCare=Dont Care;false=Non-smoking;true=Smoking
Car Rental Preferences – Car TypeCarType [L=;Compact=Compact;CompactHybrid=Compact Hybrid;DontCare=Dont Care;Economy=Economy;EconomyHybrid=Economy Hybrid;FullSizeHybrid=Full Size Hybrid;FullSizePickup=Full Size Pickup;FullSizeSUV=Full Size SUV;Full-size=Full-size;Intermediate=Intermediate;IntermediateHybrid=Intermediate Hybrid;IntermediateSUV=Intermediate SUV;Luxury=Luxury;Mini=Mini;MiniVan=Mini Van;Premium=Premium;Standard=Standard;StandardHybrid=Standard Hybrid;StandardSUV=Standard SUV
Car Rental Preferences – Message to Car Rental VendorCarOther 
Car Rental Preferences – Car TransmissionCarTransmission 
Car Rental Preferences - CPSCarGPS 
Gender/TSA InfoGender [L=-;Female=Female;Male=Male;Unknown=Unknown
Car Rental Preferences - Ski rackCarSkiRack [Lfalse=No-Ski Rack;true=Yes-Ski Rack Requested
Contact Information - Work FaxContactFaxPhoneNumber 
Contact Information -2nd Work Phone/Remote Office
  • if no Faces business phone - number will be push to Work Phone
Contact Information - PagerContactPagerPhoneNumber 
Contact Information - OhterContactOtherPhoneNumber 
Employee Position/Title (Job Title)JobTitle 
additional Email addressEmailPersonal