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AcitveTick to activate or untick to deactivate the agency
KeyDefine the agency Key
FacesActivates the usage of Faces
AcceleratorsActivates the usage of Robotic Tools

Acitvates the usage of PCI DSS Module. If selected, the section PCI DSS Settings is generated. Here the Merchant ID (MID) and corresponding password/ security sign in are given in

  • If "-" is selected the the rail section will not appear
  • AMADEUS_GERMAN allows selection of railproviders common to the "German market" i.e DB (Deutsche Bahn), SBB (Swiss Railway)
  • AMADEUS_RAIL allow the selection of almost all relevant railproviders i.e. DB (Deutsche Bahn), SNCF, Thalys, Swedish Railways, Trainline, Renfe, SBB, ÖBB e.t.c.

Different formats are used in Amadeus CSX for AMADEUS_GERMAN and AMADEUS-RAIL (see Mapping)

Browser-ExtensionActivates the usage of Browser Extension
Require 2FA for UsersForce either all users or only administrators to activate and use two-factor authentication
Profile Reminders

Activates the usage of Profile Reminders

This is an automated email alert for expired documents such as credit cards, passports, visas or rail cards. Eight months before the expiration of a passport and one month before the expiry of the other documents, an automatic email will be sent to either the traveller, travel arranger, company or agency administrator. This email reminds the recipient that a document is about to expire.

The image below illustrates the logic designed for sending profile reminders:

Possible company level settings:

OFFProfile reminders off for all profiles of the company
ONProfile reminders on for all profiles of the company (a traveller only receives a profile reminder alert if they received Umbrella Faces credentials in the first place)
ON_IGNORE_SEND_CREDENTIALSProfile reminders are sent to every traveller of the company regardless of whether credentials were sent or not (mainly used for SSO integration)
Loyalty Points

Not in use, will be decommissioned

Residence InformationActivates the usage of Residence Information for the Spanish market. New fields are visible on the Travel Documents section of "Traveller" tab

This is a module that is only visible if it has been activated on the agency as it is associated with fixed monthly costs per company. If the button is set to "On" on a company profile, then a self registration link can be generated and sent to the travellers or travel-arrangers to create the traveller profiles.

Bounce-back The Bounce-back feature provides the possibility to automatically re-synchronize profile ID's (PAR Title, Record Locators, Login ID etc.) to a preferred interface target at the time of profile creation or modification of the profile ID.
Which profile ID’s are bounced back depends on the custom publish action(s) 'COPY'.
MagnatechActivate Magnatech interface
Concur PollingTo allow profiles synchronization from Concur to Faces to take place. We currently poll from Concur every 15 minutes but the synchronization from Faces to Concur is real time
DEEM PollingTo allow profiles synchronization from DEEM to Faces to take place. We currently poll from DEEM every 15 minutes but the synchronization from Faces to DEEM is real time
Self-Service traveller deletionActivates the ability of all travellers of the given agency to be able to delete their own faces profiles. This action can be exectued after a traveller logs in to the Website with his Faces credentials
mTrip SSO

If activated the "SSO Integration Key" field is activated. Here, an intergration key which has to be activated both on mTrip's side as well as on Umbrella's side is entered. This allows the users to be able to access their Umbrella Faces profile in mTrip mobile app 

Count no. of ProfilesButton activation enables visibility of the number of company as well as traveller profiles on the agency