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Parent companyAdministrative assignment of a company, which is the main company
Customer No.AIAN of the company (also synchronized as PIN). In case the customer number is the same as the parent company, no PIN is published
Company nameEnter the full name of the company
Short nameMust be unique in the GDS (PCN)!
StreetRegister the street of the company
Street 2Add additional street address
ZIPRegister the ZIP code of the compan
CityEnter thecity where the company is located
CountryChoose the country.
PhoneEnter the main phone number
FaxEnter the main fax number
E-Mail, E-Mail 2, E-Mail 3Enter the main E-Mail addresses of the company

The unique number just below the field "Itinerary / e-ticket" is automatically generated when a profile is created in Faces. It is relevant for CSV Uploads (column: company.uuid)

Below highlighted value illustrates an example of a company uuid 

SubsidiariesRegister the parent company or companies, which are associated to the parent Company
Form of payment / Credit CardsRegister multiple credit cards
Card TypeRegister card type
Creditcard No.Register the Credit card number
ExpirationAdd the expiration date of the credit card (Format DD/YY)
RemarkRegister additional remarks to the credit card
Use as form of paymentThis credit Card is written as FoP (F. or FP) in the GDS's
Add newRegister unlimited credit cards
Other forms of paymentDrop down of cash or invoice - This has been specifically implemented for only some circles
Rail form of paymentDrop-down of cash or invoice and stored credit cards. Only available in the company profile and if Rail module is activated in the agency.
Personal cardsHere you can specify how the traveller may use a personal credit card
  • FP and guarantee: Travellers are allowed to enter a credit card in their profile. This credit card can be used as form of payment, hotel guarantee and web-card.
  • Guarantee only: Travellers are allowed to enter a credit card in their profile. This credit card can be used for hotel guarantee and as web-card
  • None: Travellers are not allowed to use a personal credit card