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LanguageAssign the language in which the user interface should appear for a given administrator
Home AgencyDefault Agency for the administrator. Circle administrators are able to change the agency if there are multiple agencies in their circle
RoleChoose the predefined role to be assigned to the particular user from the drop down list. Roles are customizable and are agency/ circle specific as elaborately explained under Roles 
Add. managed Agencies

Allocate additional agencies for administration. More agencies can be allocated by clicking "add new". This has to be added to the profile by either Umbrella support, by a circle administrator or an agency administrator who has been assigned the rights to be able to administrate all the agencies in question

P.S: This field appears only if an agency administrator role is selected

Add Managed companies
  • If the "Manage all companies" box is ticked, search field box beneath it is blended out. This allows the user to administrate all companies of the home agency
  • If the user is allowed to only administrate one company then this is entered into the search field. Use the "Add new" button to create extra fields to insert more company names in case the user should administrate more than one company

P.S: This field appears only if a company administrator role is selected

Profile Reminders
It is only visible if the module Profile Reminder has been activated on the agency under System Settings
This field indicates if the administrator wants to be informed of any expired profile data of his associated traveller profiles.
  • none = no Reminders
  • Travellers without Credentials = Profile Reminders only for travellers to whom no login credentials have been sent
  • All = Profile Reminders for all profiles including travellers with and without credentials
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