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All information entered here will appear by clicking on the tab "My travel agency,". This information is also displayed at the top right of the blue bar.

NameName of Travel Agency
StreetStreet of Travel Agency
PLZPostal code
LocationLocation of Travel Agency
CountryCountry where Travel Agency is located
Country is default nationalityThe country is set as default nationality for all travellers
PhoneInsert phone number of Travel Agency
URLInsert the URL of the Travel Agency
CSV DelimiterSelect between ";" and ","
CSV EncodingSelect between "UTF-8" and "Windows- 1252"
Send profile updates toThis field indicates to which Email account an alert about an create, update or change will be sent. Emails would only be triggered if changes are executed by travellers or company admins

If changes are done by the agency admin no email alert is send. In case of no email address is inserted, no alert emails will be sent. (Email Alert example below)

It is possible to add several email addresses by separating them using a comma

Send system notifications toA system notification is an email message which informs about incoming update/creation profiles from external Systems, which cannot be processed due to technical reason, e. g. Cytric Org Id Community not existing in Faces, user login is already in use etc. Multiple email addresses can be entered to which the notifications should be sent (comma separated)

Send e-mails as

Please note we do not support oAuth for the email Send As facility. We only support standard SMTP authentication with username/password. Client should be able to enable SMTP AUTH for the credentials used in Faces.

For details on how to do this please see

E-mailEnter the e-mail that you want to be used to send out notifications emails. This applies to credentials emails and profile reminders/expired documents etc. (where enabled) but does not apply to system notification or profile update emails
SMTP server

Give in your SMTP Server (if left empty, the Umbrella server will be used)

(In order for emails not to land in the SPAM folder, it is required to add "include:" to the SPF entry of the domain. Example: v=spf1 -all

 So called DKIM is not supported. If the sender domain employs DKIM it is required to configure a custom SMTP-Server.)

If using any port other than the standard (25) please append :port_number after the server address

UsernameFill in the username set for your mailing server (not needed if the Umbrella server is to be used and the "SMTP server" field is not filled)
PasswordFill in the password set for your mailing server (not needed if the Umbrella server is to be used and the "SMTP server" field is not filled)
EncryptionChoose from None, Basic and TLS depending on your set prerequisites

Email Alert examples:


From: Tenzing Profile Update <>
Sent: Thursday, 14th May 2020 10.40
To: Knowledge Base <>
Subject: Umbrella Faces - Update of profile Sherlock Holmes


Dear Knowledge team

 The profile of Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock-Holmes) has been updated. Please find below the list of changes.


Old value

New value

Sherlock Holmes

Middle name as in Passport



Date of birth



Seat Request



Your Tenzing Profile Caretaker


From: Umbrella Faces <>
Sent: Wednesday, 13th May 2020 08:19
To: Knowledge Base <>
Subject: Umbrella Faces failed to process incoming Cytric profile

Action required

While Umbrella Faces was processing an incoming Cytric profile update, there was a problem:

There is no company mapped to location/division Knowledge Base Ltd. for profile Sherlock-Holmes.

You can configure what address receives this notification in your agency settings.






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